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    What's the connecting way of Modbus ASCII with RS485 for electric actuator?

    Our smart type electric actuators support Modbus ASCII that use RS485 to connect 2pcs~30pcs electric actuators in the same time. The program can control all electric actuators or some of them in sync or out of sync. 

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    What's the grade and zone available for explosion solenoid valve?

    Our explosion solenoid valve is available for zone 1 & 2, T4 temperature grade.

    What is DIN plug?

    1. DIN plug is a solenoid valve connector that shows the solenoid valve status -- on / off. 

    2. Din plug makes wiring of solenoid valve easy and safe. 

    What's the difference between electric actuator and linear valve actuator?

    1. Electric actuators use to connect to quarter valve, such as ball valve, butterfly valves. 

    2. Linear valve actuators use to connect to linear valves, such as gate valve

        and global valves. 

    What is Bluetooth control of electric actuator?

    Our smart type electric actuators with built-in bluetooth function.

    Users can remote control valve open or close, detect electric actuators

    operating status and find problems for maintanence. 

    What's the dry contact (extra limit switch) function?

    This is a volt free feedback signal that to advice electric actuator the status of valve

    (valve is opened or closed.)

    What are the normal close and normal open of solenoid valve?

    1. Normal close --solenoid valve is closed when power on. 

    2. Normal open --solenoid valve is opened when power on. 

    How does solenoid valve work?

    Solenoid valves work with direction and operating pressure.

    When the solenoid valve power on, the fluid input pressure larger than output pressure,

    the solenoid valve will be opened (normal close type) or closed (normal open type.)

    What does electric actuators use for?

    Electric actuator is a control device that connect to valve and control valve open and close. 


    How to select a correct solenoid valve?

    Check the data as attached table.

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    How to select a correct electric actuator?

    1. Both of electric actuator and valve are with torque. 

    2. Make sure the valve size, valve torque, and connecting standard that you will use:

        ex. 2" stainless steel ball valve, NPT thread end, 60Nm (Newton metre).

    3. Add safety factor 1.5 times on valve torque

        ex. valve torque is 60Nm (Newton metre)*1.5 = 90Nm,

              the electric actuator torque must be higher than 90Nm.


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