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    Linear valve actuator --Linear type

    Product ID: UMB-N




    Linear valve actuator are used to control quarter valves, such as gate valve, globe valve and other linear type valves.  The thrust is 1000N to 10000N and with mechanical position indicator green and red LED light. 

    The simple instroduction of the actuator:


    1. Thrust range: 1000~6000N / 8000~10000N.

    2. Stroke: 60mm / 100mm.

    3. Voltage: AC110V~220V, DC24V. 

    4. Duty cycle: 30% & 75%, S2. 

    5. Rated Thrust: 75% of max thrust. 

    6. EMC design.



    1. Multi-voltage:AC110~220V; DC24V.

    2. BLDC motor—It can be continuously operated without overheat.

    3. Bluetooth

         a. The software will keep 10records of abnormal status for

             maintenance reference;

         b. Except PLC, users can control the actuator from cellphone at

            the site.

    4. Backup power

        When power fail, customers still can operate the actuator in a

         short time. It’s different from failsafe that will be closed directly

         when power fail. You can also select failsafe function as normal


    5. Modulating

        75% duty cycle, voltage and current signal for selection,

        and the input signal can be controlled the tolerance within angle 3


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