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    100% Duty Cycle Electric Actuator

    100% Duty Cycle Electric Actuator


    Product ID: UM-1-X

    Electric actuator with BLDC motor that control quarter valves, duty cycle 100%. 





    1. Power supply: AC100~240V / DC24V / AC24V

       ***Equipped with electric circuit protection device, to replace the fuse function***

    2. Ambient temperature: -10°C~+55°C

       Humidity: 10%~90%

    3. Motor: Brushless DC electric motor (BLDC motor)

    4. Motor power: 30W

    5. Limit switch: SPDT 250VAC / 3A*2pieces (On/Off)

    6. Extra limit switch (Dry contact): SPDT 250VAC / 3A*2pieces (On/Off)

    7. Cable gland: 1/2" PF*1pc

    8. Indicator: Mechanical type position indicator

    9. Ingress Protection Rating (Waterproof): IP67

    10. With overload torque protection

    11. Manual overrid: When the power failure, rotate the override (by 8mm wrench) to turn on/off.

         ***Do not rotate manually with force and avoid quick rotating***

    12. Material of enclosure:

         Standard: Nylon / Optional: Aluminum

    13. Rotary type: Quarter turn 90°± 5

    14. Duty cycle: 100%

    15. Rated torque: 75%

    16. Flange/Mounting type: ISO5211, F03/F04/F05/F07

         Bushing: Standard 14*14mm / Optional: 9*9mm and 11*11mm

    17. Wiring diagram:


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    Model Torque(N.m) 90° Open/Close(Sec)
    DC/AC 24V AC 100~240V DC/AC 24V AC 100~240V
    UM-1-X 10 10 1 1
    35 35 10 10


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    Address:No.7, Rueiyuan St., Bade Dist., Taoyuan City 33447, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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