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    Solenoid Valve-Normally Open Type

    Product ID: SUW-15NO~50NO


    .SUW-NO series is direct, multiplex, connected diaphragm, conductive and

        normally closed (NC) 2/2 way solenoid valve.

    .Able to be operated directly under low pressure

    .Availability of fluid type:water, air, light oil, gas, vacuum

    .Acceptable for customization Viton (130℃) , Silicone (130℃) and EPDM (130℃) for O-ring and diaphragm


    .Before pipelining, the pipe line must be very clean without any contaminants or any other things not ought to be existed.

    .To prolong the life time of the product, Y-type filter at the front end of solenoid valve.

    .AC voltage tolerance:±10%;DC voltage tolerance:±1%

    .It should be installed horizontally;vertical installation is not advisable.

    Not Suitalbe For Fluid As Below:

    .Liquid status when it is high temperature;solid status when cool.

    .Corrosive fluid

    .Viscosity over 20cst

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