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    Electric control valve butterfly valve

    Product ID: Electric control valve butterfly valve

    Electric control butterfly valve, UM2-5~UM-12, 2"~18" wafer butterfly valve, FCD, SS304, SS316 for body and disc, EPDM seat.


    1. Material: FCD, SS304, SS316 for body and disc. 

    2. Seat: EPDM (standard,) VITON, PTFE, NBR.

    3. -5~+110C (depends on seat)

    4. Operating pressure: 0~10kgfcm2.



    1. Clear scale that easy to recognize the angle, each scale is about 10 degree. 

    2. The handle and scale plate designed as streamline that make water hard to be kept on handle and not easy rust.

    3. Small torques design, easy to operate.

    4. Epoxy coating thaet resist corrosion. 

    5. FCD body is standard.

    6. Universal connecting face that available for PN16, PN10, JIS10K, and ANSI150LB. 

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